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Le Whole Earth Catalog is american. He advocates creativity and self-sufficiency.

Understanding Whole Systems

Personal power is developing, power of individual, to conduct his own education, find his own inspiration, shape his own environment and share his adventure with whoever is interested. Tools that aid this process are sought and promoted by the Whole Earth Catalog.

Ideas and Integrities
Buckminster Fuller
1963 10 $

World from Above - 88 pictures
Hans Reich
1966 7,50 $

Spaces structures
R.M. Davies
1967 46,50 $

Shelter and Land Use

The only pavillon of Expo 67
Volume Two of Tensile Structures

Dome was the west german tent, designed by Frei Otto.
He is currently the master of structures whose flexible is
the prime structural element.

If two soap bubbles of different diameters from a
twin bubble, the diaphragm curved. If the membrane
stresses are equal, the gas pressure in the smaller
bubble is higher than that in the lager bubble.

Industry and Craft

Design clean and clear, ingenious and maybe superficial (the debate is
underway) is the stamp of two generations of designers that now make up a
friendly Establishment. If you’re designing something for use by people you don’t
have to start from scratch figuring out what size people are so that your thing will fit.

Attention of the learned world to ancient Chinese culture and
science : anticipations of present-day scientific knowledge.

This diagram of a sailing wheel borrow from Van Baraam Houkgeest
in 1987 showing the batten sail and multiple sheets so characteristic
of Chinese nautical pratice.


An elaboration of the television technique makes it possible to displace retinal images not only in space, but in time. Temporal delay of images is a new king of displacement, and promises to be of the greatest importance. The method is to use a TV camera and monitor with an endless tape loop so that there is a time-delay between recording from the camera and the playback to the monitor. The subject sees his hands in the past, as many machines: there is a delay in actions of both.

Eye and brain
R.L Gregory


The nomad is a person who moves according to his desires and who does not have a permanent residence. Nomade travels the world, generally in groups, and settles in certain regions according to the seasons. The hippie community was globally nomadic: their modes of thought and action were in perpetual evolution. This category of the catalog consists in explaining the usefulness of certain objects for a new way of life. There are books explaining how to live alone in nature, speaking of primitive art, where defending the practices of yoga. It is therefore a sort of survival guide for the nomad.

About Me

Me, it's Laura.

I discovered the existence of the Whole Earth Catalog thanks to Fred Turner's preface To the sources of the digital utopia, which one of my teachers made us read.

The Whole Earth Catalog represents for me the meeting between the daydreams of hippie communities and those of scientists. Steward Brand, the creator of the catalog, is a hippie who contributed to the advance of the digital revolution. It will try to remedy the problems of the nomadic and scientific communities by facilitating the circulation, the exchange between the two worlds.

And that's what I liked. The effervescency around this sharing.

That is why I decided to bring the Whole Earth Catalog to a new medium : Internet, to deploy on the web all these values, specific to the 1960s.